I've lied beside a suicide
been on the wrong side of a homicide
You think you know me from the rain I've cried
but you should see the haunting pain that I cry inside...

Don't lie to me, society
Your tricky ways won't set me free
Reciting rhymes of my history
force me to face my reality

Laughter sometimes stalls behind these walls
when I'm home all alone roaming these lonely halls
The tequila sun rises...the whiskey moon falls
Cocaine, Mary Jane...darkness calls

So easily available to me in my dismay
to cover up reality...to make it go away
"Nothing lasts forever, live your life just for today"
says the sign in my mind when the devil has his way

I've had the prison blues wearing dark green shirts
I've chased the dollar, the drugs, the drink and the skirts
One conforms...or one converts
Society's a liar...sometimes reality hurts

D.O.A. I say...I was Dead On Arrival
so I cry to the One who conquered death for my survival
The Carnival of the Bound, founded by Satan, my archrival
was shut down by the truth of my Bible revival

So I pray every day to not live my life dead
and I hold onto my faith, my kids are jumping on the bed
and I live in the promises of God that I read
so run, little demons...far away from my head

I'll show you weapons of war you've never seen before
given by He who is risen...the One that I adore
No longer in prison, a war of love I now fight for
because I was roaming in that hallway until He opened a new door...

Stained by the tears of the past I entertain
but Christ offered grace to replace all the pain
His bloodstain for my tear stain
I am gone...now I remain...