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Onward Corporate Soldiers

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  • Onward Corporate Soldiers

    A corporation is a conglomeration
    Of a cesspool of damnation.
    It’s actually amazing
    That we maintain our stations.

    But, that’s what we continue to do
    A Stepford Society is in our view.
    Digitalized until we're completely subdued.
    Working to automate a life that’s in queue.

    So onward corporate soldiers,
    March on with composure.
    Not everyone knows you are the controllers.
    Materialism isn't always about full disclosure.

    For when you find out what you can’t live without
    Requires that kind of business account,
    Even though you know about the ills down that route.
    It’s proof that your buttons are being tested out.

    But, when those keys you sprout,
    There will be little room to doubt.
    Even evolution is profound.
    We are one nation incorporated by the War-bound

    Our country has become a melting pot cooking up desires.
    Washington, D.C produces plenty of popular liars,
    New York churns out educated weasels,
    And, Hollywood already manufactures people.

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