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    I'm way down here, once more ensnared in pits of my own choice
    because I picked that shovel up, my shovel of revolt.
    Lord, did you hear me thrash about, unmindful of Your voice,
    when I began to tunnel down, the tunnel of a dolt?

    Like Jonah long ago, I plunged and trouble followed me.
    While in the deep, I found myself quite paralyzed by screams.
    But Lord, the nightmare's over now, thank God, for eyes to see.
    Once I awoke, Your light exposed my foolish, willful schemes.

    If I'd not made the journey down to worry, guilt and doubt,
    I'd not have seen Your advent bright in rays of morning sun,
    would not have known Your upward pull and what You're all about -
    forgiveness, grace, a clear, straight path. My night of mourning's done.

    When debt and darkness, fear and flight detain me in their sway
    I pause awhile to recognize - the Truth, the Light, the Way.
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