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  • "Understanding"

    Rest In Peace to peace, as people sit down and don't wanna stand for understanding which is a reaching point for unity you could call it being upper handed. Some people are just demanding answers without wanting the feelings that helped coordinate the solution that people only buy into like its a branding. Instead of trying to grasp how to be right they end up being left handed.

    Before grasping what society wants, Understand yourself and not just the "man". who wants to form you by their own plans, because the "man" is just a guy who just wants to take the life right out of your own hands, instead be yourself with the plans of glory, complete your own trials in the chapters of life, illustrate with love, and base it on a true story. Be on the top floor and apprehend the stairs it took to get there with out falling a few stories.

    Tell the tell of comprehension, not a thriller or suspension, but it is true, no fiction. I'm tired of people not being get, so they have to ask other people to sign a petition so the "man" will finally grasp a true workers ambition. Stop omitting feelings and let them in like admission, just as long as you drop the tuition. It's not the destination it's the journey, that's worth completing the mission. Passion and understanding only burns when your heart is the ignition,the world can't focus on the sight of the truth well I should introduce them to an honest optician.

    The world that wants to go green, but only understands greed, we should paint awareness of each other, not paint each other as enemies. I yell to the world to gather around to understand each other in order to reach peace, but I guess they rather disregard each other's feelings like they're obsolete and flee. To be free from the grips of being misconceived in this reality is to be forgotten of our existence, I don't know about you, but I feel that is one picture that has lost all pigment, but today,tomorrow, and the day after that I rather have the world question what I do with my time, so I can push their sentiments to the limit, and because they asked.... they would have to the words I express that's like a brush painting a vision......and then the world would have to take a minute to comprehend the image.......

    I painted that the world is demanding and a little overbearing but instead it should be a little more understanding.Instead of making contracts to bind us, we should cosign with each other's hearts that could unwind us. Thus dismantling the fuss, and opening doors for everyone to give ideas to discuss. Table spoon of pure sentiments should be sweet and not leave us in disgust. There is a world where we can show our guts, and it is this one, take my hand so we may walk the path of honest hearts, as grasping mine builds trust, peace could be only a few steps away, and reach for it....we must.