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    My life is persistent with significance;
    A constant coincidence,

    To coexist in a world where no one is different--
    Every moment is infinite.
    Influenced by instruments and every experience
    Instant magic when you listen,
    You'll awaken,
    A wall of words in a vision,
    A new religion,
    Written by transcendent women:
    Sent Sunshine--
    An addition to the prism
    Driven for this transition to a new period
    You were heaven sent
    Just intuition in my opinion.
    You don't have to be so distant.
    I'm soul driven
    I just want to see you glisten
    If i have to be a musician,
    I will.
    If it means going to visit hell again,
    I will.
    I will break the system!
    I am a new edition--
    Surrounded by ancient wisdom.
    My existence is simply tradition,
    No competition;
    I'm on a mission
    Induced with a truth serum
    Searing my tongue to be strung for a rhythm.
    I untied a theorem--
    Releasing atoms to create a quantum album,
    Love's flowing through these conundrums.

    The sun's expunging the clue,
    Tattooed on my ear drum
    A lyrical delirium,
    Congested from holy helium
    Inhale the last breath of oblivion
    After we all blend in like chameleons.
    This is a mysterious millennium:
    Conversations with mediums--
    Mastering the will of real freedom,
    Healing their victims by revealing whats hidden.
    You're unconditionally forgiven.
    The dragon has risen
    In this requiem,
    I'm a billion feet high feeling like an angel among aliens.
    The gates open to radiate imagination
    I'm going to continue pulling along this castle home on wagon.
    Allow me to let this life happen;
    I have so much passion.
    I'm the air in a sky full of talent
    You kill me and you'll be the last assassin--
    End of the world,
    You cant call that an accident
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