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  • It Just Takes a Minute

    I applaud the demise of the handy excuse
    “I simply don’t have the time.”

    No time to fix breakfast.
    Valid no more.
    Takes only a minute
    To serve up a feast.
    Grits, gravy, ham, and hash
    Have it all.
    Why they practically make themselves.
    Not got a minute?
    Try Instant Breakfast instead.
    Magically, instantly prepared.
    And you can drink it,
    While you do something else
    That only takes a minute.
    Like outlining your lips.
    Brings out their natural suppleness.
    Makes all the difference.

    No time to organize your life?
    No need to worry.
    The One Minute Manager
    Offers one minute goals
    To revolutionize anyone’s day.
    Answer that email.
    Make a long story short.
    Wipe down that table.
    Hang up that coat.
    Don’t let things mount.
    Sooner, not later.
    They just take a minute.

    You can marinade that steak.
    It’s so much better that way.
    Deep clean and purify
    The air,
    The commode,
    Your carpets,
    Your face.
    Who would believe
    It just takes a minute.

    Sound too mundane?
    An inefficient use of your time?
    Then contemplate life.
    Explore the mysteries of the universe
    On the One Minute Astronomer Ap.
    Life’s answers at your very fingertips.
    Or comfort your inner being
    With one minute devotionals.
    Oh the possibilities of it all!

    Well, I’m certainly sold.
    And to those well wishers
    So intent on improving my life.
    I say, “thank you.”
    It’s all so amazing.
    Helpful, I’m sure.
    My new mantra
    “Do less. Accomplish more.”
    Live in breakneck bliss.
    I shall accelerate my lifestyle right away.
    Well. . .
    Maybe in just a minute.