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    Sweet Rain
    Beautiful rain all on its own
    Falls from the Heavens descendant one to the throne
    Its "pitter-patter" makes the city scatter
    It's clouds shroud suns as if it's shine doesn't matter
    the tyrannical reign of rain pains my pane until it erodes away
    Only to return another day
    Returning harder, colder than before
    I guess there is no calm to this "sweet" storm

    I've been around many who claim to love him
    saying that nothing comes above him
    while "The King" floods them
    pouring his wrath onto a town
    where 700 people drowned
    his princess he called her
    Katrina would maul her way through the city without any stalls
    I saw it all...
    A true king would never harm us this way

    New Orleans, Louisiana
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