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  • My Principal Is Coming In Today

    My principal is coming in today so I'll have to show my best
    I'll act like a loving angel who acts like all the rest.
    I'll use my angel voice if she wants to speak to me
    And the halo above my head is what she'll definitely see.

    I'll sit up straight and tall and smile as she walks by
    Plus I'll quickly send a wink instead of my evil eye.
    My principal won't hear I'm noisy because that will come to a stop
    And my principal won't see I'm naughty since that will push her over the top.

    I'll show her I'm a leader who won't give up a fight
    And I'll show her I know the difference, the difference between wrong and right.
    I'll help my fellow classmates instead of creating a horrible fuss
    Plus when my principal observes me, my performance will be graded A+.

    I think she's ready to enter and I think she's opening the door
    But my teacher who's on the phone, is crying, "She's not coming in anymore?"
    I can't believe this is happening because I took so long to prepare
    And I practiced to show my best so her decision is really not fair.

    My voice is quickly changing and my halo has disappeared
    My eyes that were full of joy have turned into an angry stare.
    My behavior is turning naughty and a leader I don't want to be
    And the choices I decide to make will be made dishonestly.

    So here I sit and wait, right back at the starting line
    And my performance that was graded A+, is rapidly on the decline.
    What did you say Mr. C… you're going to figure out how
    To ask the principal come in to sit and talk with me now?

    You said it's my behavior so this behavior can you define?
    Is it the behavior that's graded A+ or the behavior that's on the decline?
    My principal is coming in today so my plan she'll definitely see
    I can't wait for her to visit to sit and talk with me!
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