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The Harsh Reality

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  • The Harsh Reality

    Oh how strange it is, the way we have kept in touch,
    similar in anatomy yet distanced by ideals and such.
    Lack of insight has broadened the gap,
    prejudice is rampant yet the capable take a nap.
    With the passage of time, equilibrium becomes tougher,
    for goodwill is deterred yet consequences are to suffer.

    Battles have sparked with reasons too foul,
    the crossfire becomes tainted (with civilian blood) yet the rivaling still prowl.
    Mansions are splurged upon while the poor have none,
    institutions are rotting, burdening the future of our daughters and sons.
    We pursue our desires with unjust methods sought,
    sin is born and the evil are never caught.

    Our conviction for the good has faded like shadow,
    for such an object exists that even a priest will hallow.
    Small in dimension yet infinite in power,
    flat like paper yet renders all grace sour.
    A gateway to wrath, envy and sloth,
    for it is the flame and we are the moths.

    We desire national change yet near its collapse,
    for our leaders do not flinch, while we wait for another relapse.
    They deceive and bribe their ways to power and fame,
    and break their vows without remorse or shame.
    The root of it all lies within the people,
    for the rulers were once like us, naive and simple.

    Men fallen prey to lust, ravishing those like our sisters,
    the depressed ending their own lives with injuries worse than blisters.
    Desperate for fortune, the innocent are beat,
    by those too dim-witted to do other than cheat.
    Oceans are poisoned, forests razed to the ground,
    when will our destruction know any bound?

    The scenario's quite clear yet it's certainly not positive,
    a century it would take for the good to be causative.
    Vices becoming dominant with the Devil being nourished,
    how can optimism truly, possibly flourish?
    There arises a provoking thought, not so sad,
    how can good exist without any bad?

    © Copyright 2014 Walli Ullah. All Rights Reserved, keep your hands off, idea thieves! :3
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    This is a marvelously written poem. You've done well with describing society's impending demise, and the last lines were very thought-provoking. Good luck on the contest!