Have you increasingly questioned the faith you've acquired
During times of adversity and times less desired?
It may seem to waver and at times disappear
When life's tossed you struggles creating distress and despair.

The emotions you're experiencing can be an ill sign
That fear is beginning to poison your mind.
And succumbing to fear, despair, or distress
Is simply a signal warning you're failing life's test.

So don't yield to these feelings stay focused and aware
Of each toxic thought during times of despair.
And be aware of your mind, body, and soul
Because each will cry out when your faith is on hold.

Be strong and be positive you have to believe
That faith from within will set yourself free.
So here is a prayer to help you worry no longer
And your faith that once lacked will now turn so much stronger.

"Lord I am asking to erase my mind clear
And replace it with faith instead of these fears.
Plus every test I encounter help me reach deep inside
To take hold of my faith that I asked you to provide."