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  • So They Say...

    By Aysha Khawaja and Maahum Hassan

    Ever since I was young,

    Understanding was never a part of me,
    It was just a bland spice,
    That I threw into my pot,
    Of things which did not make sense.

    A mixture of things,
    That I would never fathom,
    Words with no definition.

    The time finally came,
    When I made a knot,
    Making a definition,
    Giving new direction,
    In this rope of words.

    First there was Love,
    A beautiful thing,
    That would enclose you,
    In a cocoon of warmth,
    It happens to everyone,
    So they say.

    Then there was Patience,
    The best of them all,
    Like a spirit,
    She enlightened your soul,
    Listening to those,
    Who didn't deserve it at all,
    She is embedded in you,
    That is what they say.

    Is a drug,
    The most addictive one of all,
    Only supplied to those,
    With the purest of souls,
    The most wanted thing in all the world,
    Everyone basks in her glory,
    For that is what they say.

    Beyond what they say,
    I know what they mean.
    Because what is said is not always achieved,
    Until you realize what they actually mean.

    Love is when,
    You are wanted,
    Staying awake becomes fun,
    Because your dreams turn into reality.

    Patience is when,
    Your heart accepts what it is,
    When you are aware,
    Of where you stand,
    Time stops,
    And your heart pours out,
    Because you realize,
    The moon is filled with craters,
    But still manages to shine.

    ​Happiness is when,
    Your lips are doing the best thing they can,
    It seems like the air is drugged,
    In the sweet smell of glory,
    The aroma of victory,
    Is finally handed to you,
    Because you realize,
    Happiness is not a destination,
    But a trail,
    It's not permanent,
    But shows up along the way.

    I do not stir my pot,
    It has come to me,
    I finally know,
    What it means to understand.