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  • ER: 10:30 PM

    Hi there, let me take a seat
    Are you cold? Need an extra blanket or sheet?
    What brings you in? Are you feeling unwell?
    You look fine, as far as I can tell
    What's that you say? It's been three days
    Since your boyfriend turned and walked away?
    I'm sorry to hear that, but let's stay on track
    Tell me more about the pain in your back
    I know it's hard; your grief is showing
    But the waiting room is overflowing
    I don't have time to sit with you
    Hold your hand like I ought to do
    But I guess I can wait a few minutes more
    Have you ever felt anything like this before?
    No, I mean the pain, the one in your back?
    Yes, I know that you hate him, but let's stay on track
    It's been three days for that as well?
    Well, there's nothing wrong, as far as I can tell
    Yes, try that, and contact the nurse
    If the pain in your back gets any worse
    Oh, there's pain in your chest, too? I wish I could stay
    But there's a lady next door with a baby on the way
    Go see your physician, he'll take better care
    Of you than I can, see you later, take care