Fully immersed in the place few outsiders know to be named Gothic Wonderland
Structures harkening to a time distances from the present moment
It was in this land filled with diablos azules
I felt the warmth of God's embrace
Was reminded of the many linked chain that accompanies a distorted sense of self
How long
Rather how loud
Can a soul cry
Yearning to taste the rich flavor of freedom
Hoping to overcome a flesh addicted to the bittersweet brittle of complacency
Some say eventually all things will crumble and corrode
But while venturing on Tobacco Road I saw an ageless sage pipe empty but what he offered me was a reminder
He spoke of a conversation he had with the author and completer of faith
He simply stated the steps you choose to or not to take have an affect on the way of life for not only you but to those whom you are connected
With new eyes I was able to perceive the purpose of courage
And focus
The revelation gave birth to a timely shift
A transformation of sorts
There were occasions previous where opportunities to repent presented themselves
But there was a strength maintained by immaturity
That kept the 180 degree revolution from completing it's cycle
I had yet to fully feel the warmth of the eternal sunshine with a spotless mind and heart
But as stated prior to my road encounter I heard it said all things will eventually corrode or better expressed fall away
That wasn't excluding the voids, the poor perceptions, and the callouses upon my heart that were sustained by a deficient understanding of the calling upon my life
It was when I believed
That I was given the gift of sight

Jahmel A. Holden (Los Angeles, CA.)