"More Than We Are (for Katherine)"

An astronaut’s an astronaut,
but may be someone’s dad
who takes his daughter fishing
when she feels a little sad.
A banker is a banker
but might be a mom, as well,
who shows her son the alphabet
and helps him learn to spell.

A teacher is a teacher
but could be a singer, too;
the janitor at school may wish
he ran the local zoo.
His son might be a doctor
who is saving someone’s life;
the lady at the store today
might be the doctor’s wife.

Each homeless person on the street,
each writer of a song,
each boy or girl you chance to meet
has somewhere they belong.
There’s always more than what we see,
and as we learn and grow,
we’re all more than we seem to be –
and you’re more than you know.

- Matt Forrest Esenwine, all rights reserved