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  • Standing Here

    Standing Here
    Elizabeth Pridgen
    If I could, I would pull the past into the present,
    And there wouldn’t be a dent,
    And there wouldn’t be anything to be spent.
    Because I’m already a cent.

    When they find out alcohol isn’t important I’ll be standing here.
    And I’ll tell everything to hear,
    In their ears.
    I’ll tell them to make sure they won’t rehear.
    Because I’ll be standing here.

    Shame he left with $1,000 and never returned.
    He and his ex-fiancé crumbled like a paper that was burned.
    Thank God I had some lessons learned.

    Remember I’m still standing here,
    Waiting for you to hear.
    Don’t disappear.
    Don’t mishear.
    Because I will being standing here;

    Until you hear me.
    Just agree and be free.

    I saw him in my dream.
    With something to redeem.
    And it turns out I was supreme.

    I will be standing here.
    I will be standing here for you to hear.

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    I applaud you Elizabeth for your perseverance and your ability to self express.


    • AdaPridgen14
      AdaPridgen14 commented
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      I'm sorry for the late reply! But thank you so much!