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    So much on my mind all at one time all I can really do is express it with some rhymes I opened up my eyes tired of living blind but what I didn't know is how hard it would be to find my own road without being the one to lose his soul got me questioning myself as I'm lighting up this bowl some call it Mary we just look at it as hope cause she likes to keep me high even when I'm feeling low it's hard to buy a dream when everyone stays broke got you climbing to the top even with a shorter rope but sometimes it's like you'd rather string it around your throat cause this life gets hard sure your skin will scar and the ones you let close are now beyond far away but you still have to live for today remember to stay humble and to always say your grace to live life fast but know this is not a race it's more just a test to see who can keep pace; as the devil follows me i make no apologies living in this a dying economy while corrupted politicians try to pass it as democracy all I see is hypocrisy that stems back to the colonies that helped to form those monarchies to keep people in poverty they just rewrote the policy and no I'm not a prodigy I just think how would Socrates get by in a world that is filled with no modesty whispers are heard quietly some rely on lotteries but the one thing that's missing is people living honestly it's quality and quantity in a chase for your property to live life properly is what were chasing constantly but lest what we forget all of our past atrocities aren't we only human ? Mistakes are our biology some will dispute this eternal philosophy this will fix your ears like I work in otology even though this life will never know equality cause all we do is get hurt when we trust in monogamy so we walk around unconsciously to limit curiosity that's the definition of living mediocrity as you read this you can feel my novelty sorta like scarf this is my own Odyssey I must have a gift the way I spit so flawlessly the closest thing to perfect why i think quite possibly not until my autopsy will we know if I'm an anomaly that was made up of all the stars that are what we call astrology that would explain the elevation in my psychology alone in my despondency I'm torn dichotomy between who I am and taking a righteous stand do I continue to fly or do I make a crash land you haven't experienced fire until you feel it first hand but I can tell you it's a shock like a pregnancy that's unplanned and I'm glad that I'm alone so i won't have to watch us disband cause were all just dust in the wind until we return back to the sand....