Soft Eyes
by Scott Davey

On broken glass his body lies
A heartbeat hears the blackened skies
His eyes go soft, yet still he holds
The ground beneath, and then he…. folds

When Stalin fell I took his hand
When Churchill knelt I helped him stand
When eyes go soft, as they all do
I’ll be there with a hand for you

Your right or wrong, what are these things?
I only know what empires bring
For every time the glory sounds
Another soft eyes on the ground

Sorry friend it took so long
To find you weaved amongst the throng
Dark on dark and only shapes
I want not meet you in this place

The tangled seeds of stars I pry
I scape from ribs my fingers try
I peel the twisted breath away
Beaten bruised dreams on the fray

I do not like, I cannot take,
My heart ignites, in heat’s wake.
Lungs burn bright, dark cuts my face
Let us not meet in this place.

Near tall green pines and regal shores
A house stands strong with open doors
On wooden floors and down-filled bed
Memories fill his resting head

With carefree clouds rolling by
With the lovers hand, and children’s eye,
The seeds of stars let go their clasp
And float into my gentle grasp

When eyes go soft as all eyes do
This is, the place, where I, would like, to meet you.