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  • To Understand

    There are stories riddled beneath every mans skin
    They tell a tale which haunts his existence
    Maps etched and engraved in his bones
    Of roads that led him away from his home

    Decisions make up what he has become
    With unworthy reasons that left him undone
    Choices whether poor or rich with intentions
    Define men without true convictions

    A path can be walked and left in the past
    But prepare for the stones others will cast
    What we do today matters not to most
    The burdens we carry live in our ghosts

    So many are afraid of change
    Dwelling solely on anguish and pain
    If a man chooses to stray towards another way
    Away from all his mistakes and disgrace

    Then why do so many place forth judgment
    As if this man deserves further punishment
    His own stones were built
    Through spilt tears and consuming guilt

    Lives are interpreted from afar
    People only see each for their scars
    Empathy will put you where this man stands
    And To understand, is to transform what you are