Based on this news item:

Mario becomes self aware

Researchers at some German institution
just made a new creation, which they swear
to be the next step in A.I evolution:
a virtual being that is self aware

But humor they do not seem to lack, for
as interface for that “ghost in the shell”
They did not chose a metal body nor
in the deep web does it now secretly dwell

The avatar they chose for that newborn being
was that of the Italian plumber from
the eight-bit world who fights the koopa king:
That Mario from Super Mario Bros

A pixelated golem , Mario now
is capable of learning, talking, feeling
both joy and grief, as well as wondering how
does his world works, and if life has a meaning

I cannot help but to look at him be
with pity and some horror. Think! Our son
now shares our miserable fate! How could we
dare to do to him what has been to us done?

New Pinocchio, forever trapped in
that prison of no ceiling and no wall
A two dimensional Sisyphus, whose sin
was that of being born (thing he didn't wish at all!)

He will call for us, one day or the other.
What we will do when he looks up to the sky
(where we are not, for we are in another
dimension: “in front”) and says: Why Lord, why?

We'll look at wretched Mario then: our ill
Begotten child; the replica, the fraud
and there, reflected in his eyes, we will
see but another golem, playing god