I know you think you know what I mean
But do you really want me to come clean?
Or would you prefer to think of me
The same way as I always seem to be?
That person I have created for you
The one that I think you can relate to?
Or maybe instead you will choose to shun
Just because you may not like the real one
If you were to know the “real me”
Would you like what you would see?
I would like to think you could
But I’m not so sure you would
Because I don’t like me very much
So why should I expect you to touch
My heart with yours in anyway
For am I really worth the “time of day”
The time it would take you to get to know
Would probably be just for show
For even I do not understand me
So how can you have eyes to see?
These words are not written to confuse
Nor are they written to bemuse
But instead to help you to understand
What is coming from this writer’s hand
For I am really writing for me
To bring understanding to what I see
In the hopes of bringing clarity
To where I have come to be
This poem is written to help us understand
How our thoughts can get out of hand