When you examine your life I want you to seek
The areas in life you need to critique.
It may be your job or your relations too
Plus friends and poor health you may want to undo.
So begin to ask questions but please bear in mind
The answers you seek may take a while to find.
Frustrations may build so do not succumb
As you search and you wait for answers to come.
Try not to surrender because right from the start
The answers to questions are deep in your heart.
Trusting your feelings and intuition too
Is guidance within that is coming to you.
So here are examples I want you to read
Since following your heart brings you joy guaranteed.
You're feeling unhappy so you want a fresh start
Do you consider life changes? Just follow your heart!
You're stuck in a job and you want to depart
Do you pursue your life's passion? Just follow your heart!
You're feeling unhealthy plus falling apart
Do you take care of your body? Just follow your heart!
You're making new friends so you want to take part
Will old friends be jealous? Just follow your heart!
You're falling in love so you want to restart
Could this be the one? Just follow your heart!
Whatever you're feeling requires some action
Since following your heart provides you complete satisfaction.
So trusting your heart and its true desires
Will give you the answers you seek to acquire.