Are you not the same as me?
Why are we treated differently?

Who decides upon this earth
Who shall be privileged by birth
And have the right to tread without fear
And not suffer the hand of abuse year on year

Who decides due to color of skin
Or because I don’t happen to be thin
Or because my eyes are not a round shape
Or because I’ve been the victim or rape
Or because I’ve suffered severe ill health
Or because I did not come from wealth
Or because I happen to be gay
Or see the world in a different way
Or because I love a different race
Or worship in a different place
Or because I pregnant born female
Am more to blame than the participating male
Or because I have a disability
That I can’t be treated with dignity

Who gives the right of power
To bully hour after hour
Or threaten with your iron fist
Because her birth title is Miss
Or think because your skin looks white
Then naturally you must be right
Or because a skin shade’s darker brown
They should be run right out of town
Or in general darker shades than pale
Must spend more time in County Jail

Where comes the will to disenfranchise and demean
And torture another fellow human being
Entrap enslave and traffic someone
Senselessly fire at them with your gun
Where comes the thought and lack of compassion
To treat in such an abysmal fashion

What gives the right in past history
To create an abominable industry
Then the audacity to tell me
Your ancestors were born into slavery
When God our Lord and master tells thee
I and all others on earth are born free

Are you not the same as me?
So why not treat us equally?