Who’s Looking for Me?
Elizabeth Pridgen
Dereck holds Jamie tight.
I hear about their love stories every night.
But all I see is a fight.

Everyone says how they have a lover.
Once upon a time I didn’t care to discover.

But I’m sick of this old story.
So why can’t I find some glory?

Who’s looking for me?
Who’s booking ‘we’?

Who’s saying I was with someone?
It’s too late to apologize because it can’t be undone.

So tell me who’s looking for me?
Why can’t I see?
Who is ‘we’?

I watch that bride walk down the aisle.
Everyone applauds and smiles,
While I think of the many miles;

Ahead of them.
I just hope their relationship is a gem.

And there’s a boy; staring at me.
Now I wish that I could be free;
From this desire for that perfect person for me.
So why can’t I see?
Who’s looking for me?

Is it some man dressed with a pretty face?
And will the memories we have be hard to erase?
And will I need some space?

Mandy holds Kent’s hand, while they walk into that place.
Maybe it will be a race;

Into that place called ‘life’
Hopefully there’s no strife.

Who’s looking for me?
Is it him, so that he and I will be ‘we’?