I heard crippling cries
I shut my eyes
There’s someone being thrown across the floor
Pushed up against the wall
I imagine

It felt wrong,
My heart skipped a beat
I jumped to my feet
But then did nothing
But try to block out the din of this desperate song

I heard real screams
Worse noises than those in bad dreams
I looked at my husband then turned away.
I didn’t know what to say

It’s not right
I think to myself such a disgrace
A woman being thumped across the face
Perpetually by her man
As best as I can I ignore domestic violence on site.

Another victim pays the price
Cos we failed to reject gutless advice
To not get involved
We kid ourselves
The problem will get solved

Until the day the victim dies
Or close to death the victim lies

Then crocodile tears douse guilt-ridden shame
As hypocrites we start to proclaim
If only I weren’t so compliant
I could have been a hero but I stayed silent

I listened to the neighbors puppy yelp
Little children’s voices crying for help
Mummy trying hard to quiet them down
While being pummeled to the ground
I suspect

The night sounds ugly
I had real fears
All is not what it appears
I eye my phone on the bed
Pursue no emergency call instead curl up snugly

Another victim just paid the price
Because we followed meaningless advice
To play on forgiveness
We said to ourselves
It’s none of our business

Until the victim died that day
Or near to death the victim lay
The perpetrator we were quick to blame
Our culpable breath speaks less of our shame
In not being defiant
We could have been heroes but we just stayed silent