How many have learned when problems arise
That pushing against each isn't desirable and wise?
And pushing against problems leads to many frustrations
Which leads to anger and confusion plus negative situations.
There are many of us where it happens time and again
And forcing a solution won't help your problems to end.
All I have to say is go with life's flow
And the best solution for now is to... JUST LET IT GO!
Letting it go will bring on many solutions
And at times you will see it exceeding expectations.
I'll share some examples that I've heard and I've viewed
So when you're done reading ask if it's happened to you.
First there's a friend who has hurt you before
So you thought it was time to lock your friendship door.
And you hoped an apology would journey your way
So you sat and you waited forever and a day.
In this situation I want you to show
Compassion for them and then JUST LET IT GO!
Then how many of you have financial concerns
Plus wanting the best how many of you yearn?
You want to provide and meet every need
For you and your family so everybody succeeds.
In this situation I want you to show
How grateful you are and then JUST LET IT GO!
Last many experience losing a loved one so dear
Through divorce or through dying so let me be clear.
Divorce is an act that brings a wide range of feelings
And the hurt you experience can be rather revealing.
It's easy to get stuck and consumed in this matter
Since at first you may think your life has been shattered.
In this situation I want you to show
How much you have learned and then JUST LET IT GO!
Dying is a phase every person goes through
Mothers and fathers and siblings too.
And when a loved one dies I know you will grieve
But know it was time for your loved one to leave.
In this situation I want you to know
That your loved one is home so try to let go.
Whatever situation is gazing at you
Opening your doors will let solutions come through.
Plus know that the universe is right by your side
And letting it go would be desirable and wise.
So when worries and problems and concerns overflow
Remember I shared to… JUST LET IT GO!