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  • Heavenly Voice

    Surrounded by the ocean, no one in sight
    The strong current thrusts me, dragged away with might
    Obscurity envelops me, it grips me tight
    All alone in this journey, no reason to fight

    Amidst all the pain and darkness, a voice calls from far away
    It speaks in a heavenly tone, lets me know I'm not alone
    Reminiscent of a sweet lullaby, the voice soothes my soul
    As I began to feel vacuous it reminds me I'm whole

    Engulfed by darkness I see the light
    When I hear the voice, everything feels right
    When I'm in doubt it gives me a hand
    I'm not alone, the voice understands

    The frigid liquid rushing to my lungs, unable to speak
    Unable to articulate my deepest sentiments
    Hypothermia setting fast, commencing to feel weak
    The idea of forsaking the voice is what I lament

    Desolated in my own defeat, I hear the voice once more
    Reminds me of a future, I've seen it all before
    I've wasted years within seconds, time itself makes no sense
    Returning to my past will be the greatest recompense

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    Good poem