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  • Three

    Three i see.

    They all are Great,
    and that is why i Hate.

    One is Wonderful Beautiful,
    Perfectly Truthful, and Suitable.
    Everything She is, is just me.
    one after another Everything and I can't Believe.
    i Wanted her First,
    but her Heart got Broke, and that makes me Burst.

    the Second, She is Untouched.
    and i have her Cutched.
    She is Everything I want in a Girl.
    from Height to Her Hair in a Curl.
    but I Don't have Common ground.
    that is Not Everyone's Sound.
    they all say we look Great,
    and they'd just Hate.
    just like my Heart,
    which would Fall apart.

    Without Her.

    The Last
    just came with a Blast,
    from Nowhere.
    I could Not Bare to have an Affair
    Though she is great, I think it looks
    like the Hooks I have tied to her, will end just like Books.
    A passing Thing,
    A big ring Fling

    Second has my Heart,
    so out of three, to not Fall Apart
    Second is who I hope can be my Other Part.