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20,000 Yesterdays (from Atlanta, Ga.)

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  • 20,000 Yesterdays (from Atlanta, Ga.)

    I get up and look in the mirror, reality check! Things aren't getting no clearer. 20,000 yesterdays are taping me on the shoulder, thought I shook you last October, but hold up, I just had a dream that I could walk without the crutches, I was free, I was me! Now the 20,000 yesterdays are all I see. Ok back to the game plan, got to find a better job, a better spouse, and maybe one day I might own a house. On a hill with a white picket fence, but these 20,000 yesterdays kind of make my future tense. The 20,000 yesterdays love to remind you of all where we've been, but they start to fade away when you talk about starting again, and again, and maybe even again. Because the 20,000 yesterdays could turn into 20,000 more if you let them, don't believe me just go ask the junkie in the crack house sweating.

    To get where we got to get we got to taste some dirt, let the tears wash your face, get up and brush it off your shirt or even your skirt. Or choose to lay there in the earth, become another persons turf, or even worse, blame your birth. That wouldn't be God's plan because were all in God's hands, just like the smartphone in yours. Or when a gentleman uses his to open a door for a woman in the store. So run your race at your pace and let those 20,000 yesterdays fade away.