“What lies behind the veil? What lurks behind modesty?
You plots shall come to no avail in our preservéd democracy”

So the stage is set in a land of elected choice
The rage and regret that builds with no respected voice
A murderous mission of mad desperation
Reverberates within our moral stagnation
A flaunt of liberty warrants criticism
Taunting misery is abhorrent cynicism
To debase and degrade all human dignity
To enflame and enrage is not to be free
When pens run red with mocking hate
A reflection offends those of this shocking fate
What ink ill spilt may awfully render
Blood sinks of those killed by faithless pretenders
Two extremes clash in a cacophonous choir
So obscene is this flash in a lawless quagmire
The pen and the sword; of the two there is no better
When waged is war through curséd blade and letter
For if hate is the language; in love let us speak
If the irate mean to vanquish the true and the weak
What can possibly come of blind hate and vice
But blood that effaces the sanctity of life?
We are equal in everything save intention and action
So let us speak with a mind to harmonize all factions
“We must live with guns”; bringing harm to all else
“The danger lives in slums”; now we are arming ourselves
Call this not religion, for no faith will represent
An evil met with evil is a wraith of ill intent
Let us not pretend; it is an idea in which we believe
It is freedom we defend; but let not freedom deceive
Am I Charlie? No, I too find that extreme
Let us stop this folly. We are all humans who dream
So let us delay our goal of freedom of speech
Until in our souls freedom is within reach