Understanding (Lack of)

Empathic pathways strewn with ambiguity
Defile the sensibilities; and numb indecision
Takes over, leading to indifference of the free
And begets inertia that feels the weight of the leaden.

Misunderstanding is a like scourge on the human landscape.
The void of its emptiness grows silently like a cancer,
And vagueness is like the blight providing an easy escape.
Wake up, wake up, knowing is crucial, be like a dancer,

Fluid, dreamlike, and oh so precise, we grasp it by the hand
Embrace it, slowly, renew faith and feed on its energy.
Be open to this new sensation; like flowing grains of sand
Let it encircle you wholly, and save its serenity.

As the sun’s rays give warmth, so too does the glow of knowing
Keep it ever eternal, strong and bright, stand enlightened,
Breathe in its crisp clean freshness; deftly in its depth go diving
For it will sustain all; live in its beauty, let it transcend.