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Double Standards

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  • Double Standards

    Standards can have two ways.
    One is wrong, the other gets praise.
    Wrong is wrong and right is right,
    but double standards are not black and white.
    One way is completely fine.
    While the other is crossing the line.

    For a woman she can be beautiful and big,
    but a huge man gets called an ugly pig.
    Or if you break the law and you are known.
    Special treatment will likely be shown.
    A boy can go after a woman who's mature,
    but the girl going after a man is deemed impure.
    A man can do the most immoral crime,
    but if it happens to him in prison; karma is sublime.
    A woman is weak, as is said by the press.
    She is always the victim, the damsel in distress.
    If a boy plays video games he's a nerd and a geek,
    but if it's a girl; she's so mystical and unique!

    There are many more that exist,
    but too many that I cannot list.
    You can look, you can compare.
    Yet this "equality" is not fair.
    Is this how we should be treated?
    Or are we content with being cheated?