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  • Like Father Like Son

    Headphones on so you ignore
    The banging that’s outside your door
    That lecture that you’ve heard before
    And how you need to stop.

    You see the words whip off his lips
    But all you hear is sweet silence
    You gave up on him ever since
    He sided with that cop.

    Each job he keeps is never long
    Each friend you make is always gone
    And whom does he place all blame on?
    The son he calls “a slop.”

    You frequently move out of town
    Each one is like a battleground
    And classes only keep you down
    You always seem to flop.

    You know you’re meant to be elsewhere
    Someplace where all the people care
    A land where fathers wouldn’t dare
    To keep you from the top.

    You blink back to reality
    To his verbal brutality
    His lack of rationality
    This life you choose to chop.

    That night when he went off to bed
    You ran away just like you said.
    Twelve years go by and soon you’re wed
    To the cream of the crop.

    The two of you go have some fun
    You have a house and soon a son
    It’s three of you and you have won
    So grateful you could drop.

    You’re happy for the next decade
    Then she gets sick although you prayed
    Three becomes two and you’re afraid
    With eyes so wet they sop.

    You’re making every sacrifice
    Protecting him from those not nice
    But he refuses your advice
    And leaves you while you shop.

    You’re told your savings were withdrawn
    You get home and you see he’s gone
    Not sure how you can carry on
    Feel like a useless prop.

    You sniffle and you realize
    The tables turn before your eyes
    Present is past but in disguise
    And now the roles have swapped.

    So suddenly you understand
    You caused the pain you feel first hand
    It was all love, not reprimand!
    You have become your pop.

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