We Pledge Allegiance to the flag
But why do we do that
When they don't cover got our backs

The revolution won’t be televised
Time to open up your eyes,
Recognize the genocide

God bless America!

Let's take a journey through time
Where you'll find
At the bottom of the map,

The state where the stand your ground act don’t apply to the blacks
and, if its chilling outside then stay where you're at
cause if you choose to wear a hoodie you get might get clapped (slang for shot)
This harsh reality is truth to the facts
The reason why we can't discipline them (our children)
Is so America can shoot and kill them (our children)
Even outfit them (our children)
Dress them up in one piece garments, of orange, with no relation to the fruit
We need to regroup and sit back just let God Bless America!

We bleed the same blood, Its blood we all bleed

Justice? No guarantee! Who will listen to our plea?
We live life like amistad, giveth us free,
sad part about it none of us are natives of this country
since the 1600’s we have never been wanted
no fingers need to be pointed, just know our history’s haunted
Black president now, times are changing they say
but what’s changed water into bullets since they both spray?
America Please, keep them it in the hostlers
cause we don’t want to drop like we're riding a roller coasters
with our hands in the air, like we're at a state fair
on the ride of our life, that's will cost us our life

Lord! help us understand how to make things right
cause only you can piece together the broken cries at night

and only you can heal these wombs,
From the loved ones America has sent to emergency rooms
Or either placed in Tombs
God Bless America!

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