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    Kaleidoscope Skies

    Feel a little lost without you here
    Thinking 'bout the past, shed a little tear
    Precious memories--carry me along
    pictures in my head
    words I should have said
    so I sing you a song

    You are one of those people, make the world seem right
    Can you hear my song. . . tonight?
    Blue skies and steeples--Hope along the way
    But I wish you could stay, I wish you could stay

    And it doesn't makes sense for an angel to die
    And the night falls dense with a question "____?"
    No doubt, I will see. . . on the other side
    whiter than snow
    then I will know
    nothing left to hide

    You were one of those people, made the world a better place
    Smiles and laughter. . .warm embrace
    Monochrome valley--now that you're away
    And I wish you could have stayed, I wish you could have stayed

    Carry me away, Kaleidoscope Skies
    Carry me away Kaleidoscope Skies

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    This poem is for my dear mother, Betty Wildmon. She lies close to death tonight after a long, terrible battle with cancer. My sister and I are taking care of her at her home. It is a difficult thing to watch a loved one fade away. No one on earth had more understanding than her. We love you, Mom!


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      My heart goes out to mum died of cancer also..and it was also a terrible battle...and here I lay 44 years later with cancer..its a rare form.. Thanx you soooo much for this sweet poem...I'm trying my darnest not to cry...because I get you..God bless you and your sister''peace be still...