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Do You Know What It Means To Understand?

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  • Do You Know What It Means To Understand?

    Do you know the word understand
    If not I'll give you a hand
    It means even when someone does something wrong
    You still remain strong
    You hear them out
    Give them the benefit of the doubt
    Listen even if you don't want to
    You don't always know what they've been through
    If needed you must try and forgive
    It's okay you will live
    Parents know a lot about this word
    Parents listen even when it's not preferred
    Parents have to understand that kids will act like just that
    Even when their kids a brat
    To understand is to be there when you're needed
    Even when the conversation is heated
    Remembering if it were you, you would want some one there
    Remember to always be fair
    Understand that people make mistakes, understand that you do too
    There really isn't anything we can do
    The definition of understand is perceive the meaning of
    I think a little different just read what's above
    This is what it is to understand
    Think of the bigger picture that's at hand.

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    I like the message in your poem. :-)


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