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    At age 2
    I thought I knew
    everything there was to know.
    An only child
    the only child
    my parents spoiled
    That January brought
    a stranger wrought
    in the image of my mother
    A blonde haired girl
    with lips that curled
    who stole the attention
    In which I was covered

    At age 10
    there was no way in
    which I was ever wrong
    I ruled the world
    tossed, threw and hurled
    My talents into school and dance and song.
    A sister of one
    Now with a mister of one
    to call my baby brother
    He was three in July
    he believed he could fly
    and with my attention
    he was now covered

    At age 20
    I was often lonely
    missing her blonde hair
    and his flying
    The strangers wrought
    with love did not
    have a car or funds for flying
    They both could talk
    they both could walk
    but not all the way to see me
    I’d left them behind
    and longed to rewind
    to when they first came home to meet me

    At age 30
    I often worried
    About my red head
    And my hockey player
    She rolled her eyes
    He was far too wise
    He was 10 and she was a teenager
    He struggled with writing
    And she was still fighting
    with the world inside herself
    I called the girl
    With lips that curled
    She brought a hug
    and wine
    and help

    At age 50
    I sipped whiskey
    On the back porch with my sister.
    We clipped coupons
    With no shoes on
    And called my mom and told her we missed her and dad
    Who long had
    A dream to see them.
    The Northern lights
    The only lights
    He wouldn’t need glasses to read in
    They’d be back soon
    Sent love to the moon
    And back to their home and their little ones
    To their girls, their boy
    Their dog and their cats
    Their granddaughters and their grandsons

    At age 90
    I thought it might be
    Time for me to go
    A time my boy and my girl,
    my granddaughters and grandsons had to know
    Was drawing close each day
    When each morning I awoke to say
    Thank you for my life
    For the wisdom I gained
    For the way I was humbled
    For the times of love, joy
    Heartbreak and strife
    Together they stitched a quilt of years
    That blanketed my soul
    With patches and rips
    And love that eclipses
    And makes me whole

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    koehn17, love this! Great Job!


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