When we first met
All things were new
We connected fast
Like Elmer’s glue

We shared our thoughts
Our secret dreams
Supported each
Through fields and streams

We walked as one
Our heads distinct
Yet so in step
Our faces linked

And then appeared
A lure like gold
A seat so dear
But one could hold

Our closeness sound
We made a pact
A vow to help
Keep ties intact
I’ll vote for you
You’ll vote for me
A perfect plan
A wash is key!

The other votes
Will tilt the scales
Who takes spoils
And who so fails

What pleasantries!
Fair tidings bade
Wishes filled with
Good luck made

Then the day of
Great decision
Cast its spell with
Your derision

I called for you
No in-kind heard
You sat there still
Said not a word

And as I watched
My eyes turned pink
You took the throne
Without a blink

A sudden twinge
Felt on my back
An oozing wound
Of tar jet-black

My stomach churned
A great heave-ho
A stinging punch
A fatal blow

You said no more
To me again
My body saved
I know not when

I picture still
My empty hand
Our bond had held
Like grains of sand

What fool was I
To think it more
To not see to
Your tainted core

A wiser me
Grew out of that
A cynic’s eye
Carved from a rat

I still think trust
A sacred jewel
Prove to me first
My newfound rule

I have true friends
Crème de la crème
Scarce but treasured
Such precious gems!

How about you?
I think I know--
A lonely life
Of stark, dark woe