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  • The Beheld

    The young woman stood
    Limbs slender and tan
    A contagious smile
    Enchanting each man

    Hearts sent aflutter
    Wherever she walked
    A chic crescendo
    As passersby gawked

    Her simple greeting
    A wave or a “Hey”
    Turned lyrical prose
    On winds of hearsay

    A sweet demeanor
    Radiant and sure
    Spelled wholesome goodness
    In all their folklore

    Men just adored her
    They’d remark with glee
    “So pure and so kind”
    That’s all they could see

    Her classmate believed
    Their flirtatious talk
    To be a firm sign
    That she would not balk

    His throat growing tight
    He choked back his fear
    “Will you go with me?
    The party is near.”

    “No. I am busy.
    I’m sorry to say.
    I have an exam.
    I must study today.
    I think you’re just great.
    A really good friend.
    Your timing is wrong.
    It’s not to offend.”

    A sincere excuse.
    He let out a sigh.
    A serious student.
    It was surely no lie!

    Later that evening
    He thought of her still
    Perhaps the next time
    Maybe she will

    He put on his clothes
    A suit and a tie
    Then stepped out alone
    A single, nice guy

    The fête was low-key
    But alcohol poured
    “Let’s find some nightlife”
    His drunk buddy roared

    A noise led them to
    A raging dwelling
    The door propped open
    The innards swelling

    They quickly discerned
    The people inside
    Familiar faces
    Those known far and wide

    He weaved his way through
    The crowd like a maze
    Her dazzling figure
    Held court through the haze
    She froze like a deer
    When he caught her eye
    Her cheeks flushed blood-red
    As his lips mouthed, “Why?”

    She gave him a shrug
    Then turned to the side
    And carried on then
    She’d nothing to hide

    He hurried to leave
    Shattered and shaken
    A horrible dream?
    He must awaken!

    He stifled his tears
    As he crawled in bed
    An angry sadness
    Consuming his head

    He questioned himself
    His value and worth
    His ego walloped
    And buried in earth

    It took him a while
    To dig out his whole
    Rescue his being
    Remodel his soul

    He proceeded then
    With mutated sight
    Piercing the surface
    And casting new light

    When he saw her now
    She shimmered no more
    Shallow and thoughtless
    Stripped down—a boor