Tonight’s a night for letting go
Permit the grip to slip a bit
For saying “Yes” instead of “No”
Although it’s tough, I will admit

You see, tonight’s a dance at school
My daughter’s finally old enough
She’s so excited, it’s so cool
There’s pizza, candy, all that stuff!

I take her to the drop off zone
The line is long, the music’s loud
She looks around, so small, alone
Then disappears into the crowd

The hours pass and I’ve returned
I’m waiting as it starts to rain
The lot’s so dark, I feel concerned
But right on time, she’s back again

The whole way home she’s chattering
She bought some Skittles and a toy
A flashy, mouth-guard, light-up thing
But never once danced with a boy

Back home, relieved, the family
Is whole again, the proper way
I tuck her in, hug her to me
The letting go’s done for today