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  • Persona

    We all wear a mask
    No matter how we shape or mold it
    It stays the same way even with a slight change
    For the mask is a part of us
    Just as we are part of the mask

    When we hide a hidden side
    Deep within our hearts
    It becomes a shadow
    Something we try to deny
    Something to forget

    But it always comes back to haunt us
    Trying to engulf us in its darkness
    To show others what their really like
    As they keep denying it gets stronger
    Shifting and molding into something terrifying

    The shadow becomes a beast
    A monster of our dark side
    Because we've denied it
    For thinking it isn't a part of us
    But it is a part of us
    Like we are a part of it

    The only way to combat it
    Is to accept it as it is
    For that shadow is you
    You are the shadow
    Your persona that is in your heart

    Don't be afraid
    Just face it
    Show no fear
    Accept it

    The shadow is you
    You are the shadow
    You wear the mask
    Wearing the mark
    On your heart

    Once you accept it
    It becomes a great ally
    A powerful persona
    Right by your side
    Always there to help you
    When things get tough

    Most important of all
    Never forget the friends
    That help you through
    The hard times you face
    For they will help you

    They are the light in your darkness
    A shining glow at the end of the tunnel
    A hand extended out to grab you
    If you are to fall
    They will be there for you

    We must learn to accept ourselves
    For who we are
    Hiding our other selves
    Will just make problems grow

    Just be yourself
    Be proud of who you are
    As you wear the mask
    Keeping your head up
    With full confidence

    Your persona is a special one
    Never forget that
    It is your ally
    Your friend
    Your other half

    Your shadow
    Most of all
    Your mask
    Its your persona
    Be proud of it
    As it is proud of you
    To accept it as it is

  • #2
    I know when you look at this poem your wondering how it fits into the theme of understanding-You see what better way to understand oneself is to confront and accept ourselves. Each of us wears a mask, we each hide the shadow that resides within us-no matter how much we deny it-it's still there lurking inside us and grows stronger negatively before it tries to consume us, yet if we just look at ourselves in the mirror, figure out where we are in life and accept the other side of us than trying to deny it then that shadow becomes a great strength positively and spiritually because that persona is you and you shouldn't be ashamed of it no matter what form it takes. Understanding yourself and coming to terms with your past and your shadow and move toward the bright future is the greatest thing and feeling you can ever have-by being happy for who you are and loving yourself and the gifts that you possess. Don't let others tell you what to be or feel ashamed-be proud of who you are and what you love.