POEM # 319

I try to understand, how this can be,
Looking in a mirror, nothing looks back at me.
Its if my soul has been taken away,
Stripped of life, by an empty heart today.
Every morning when I awake,
I always wondered was I a mistake?
Loving words I never hear,
A switch or strap I do fear.
Will I feel my father's arms in a hug?
Will I remember him drinking from a jug?
My mother is quiet, never smiles or talks,
Her only pleasure is taking long walks.
My parents quit school in the eight grade,
Money for clothes, shelter and food rarely made.
Their parents before were exactly the same,
I need to break the pattern from which I came.
I never see my parents smile, hug or kiss,
More fighting than love, a marriage without bliss.
Without education my future is loss,
I will become like my father a bully and boss.
My weapon of choice, a switch or strap,
My future children will be caught in this trap.
Help me understand and make this change,
Looking in a mirror, my heart to rearrange!

Written by Carl Mann
The kurlman
Pleasant Hill, Ohio