Can you hear it?
Just a whisper
Mistaken for a breeze
The minstrel's voice
Is calling me
But it is not heard with ease

It offers to guide me
And to lead my shaking hands
It offers me strength
And the courage to withstand

It lays out all the cards
But I must make the choice
It gives me all the words
But I must make the voice

But it is hard
To understand
Is it woman?
Is it man?
These words they
cannot be my own
They came from
Some far place unknown

But why are they inside my head?
And for what reason am I lead?
What is the reason I do not see?
But the answers right in front of me

The voice I hear is not a dream
And not as foreign as it seems
The words that seek to push me on
Are not from ghosts of days far gone

They come from love,
they come from us
And so I know
The words to trust
No darkness can come
From the light of pure love
It's like holding the flame
of the stars up above

And now I listen, and know it's real
The truth and light and love I feel
And now I know, it's meant to be
The minstrels voice, that's you and me