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  • Be what you please

    I am the stone in the water,
    I will not move with the flow
    No matter how strong the current,
    It will not make me go

    I am the weeping willow,
    An old and peaceful tree
    The wind may bend me over,
    But I'll always return, to me

    I am the grainy sand,
    That piles on the shore
    The waves will always bring me,
    To the place I was before

    The bird up in the tree I am,
    Spreading out my wings
    I see you as your passing by,
    And to your heart I sing

    I am the cloud up in the sky,
    Floating calm and free
    I change my form and size and shape
    To whatever I would be

    I close my eyes and leave my mind,
    And all these things I am
    I go where I please, be what I will
    With the universe in my hand

    The only limit that I have,
    Are the ones I make my own
    The world is open to explore,
    Without ever leaving home

    A tree, a rock, the deepest sea,
    The stars or endless skies
    Nothing is beyond my reach,
    No sight beyond my eyes

    All the things around me,
    And the moments I create
    Are all connected at the core,
    By the energy that we make

    Allow your mind to drift away,
    Follow your heart's desire
    Everything is possible,
    When you let your soul fly higher