The wind the water
And the green green earth
When surrounded by these
I can feel my worth

My body my soul
My spirit and form
Contains all these things
From which I am born

My body is earth
Gorgeous but crude
With ash, dust and clay
My frame is imbued

My soul is the water
Shapeless it seems
My container is filled
With this essence of me

My spirit is the wind
To me great strength it grants
Water summons wind
wind makes fire dance

My form is the void
From nothing I'm made
This ethereal form
That to you is displayed

And yet I am here
I exist in this world
To share and to love
As my story unfurls

The earth, the wind
The water and flame
My body, my soul
my spirit and frame

So many things
Make up who I am
And yet I'm so simple
So humble and plain

My true beauty is found
In the things which I'm formed
The love and the care
That in me was stored

So I will never forget
From what I did come
The wind and the rain
The earth and the sun

I learn more about me
The more I explore
That we all are connected
That we all deserve more

More love and more peace
More kind words and trust
So that we all can be one
Cause we are all made from dust.