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  • We are the light

    There are times in life, when we feel lost,
    And don't know where to turn.
    We sit and squander all our time,
    And know not for what to yearn.

    So we seek for things outside ourself,
    To show us where to go.
    The things we crave, the wants we need,
    The knowledge we would know.

    But is this truly what we want,
    Or what we really need?
    To be told where and what to do,
    To nurture other's seeds?

    Where does our motivation go,
    When everything is still?
    Some people can't create their own,
    So they find it in a pill.

    We see the tired faces round us,
    Everywhere we look.
    And we all want the answers that are,
    Written in life's book.

    If only we knew the path to take,
    We'd dive in at full steam.
    But the road is long and hard to find,
    Like grasping at a dream.

    But what of this and what of that,
    We doubt our every step!
    When did we last just take the plunge,
    And into unknown leapt?

    We think so hard on future plans,
    And things we want to be.
    And in the same breath snuff them out,
    With walls that we can't see.

    No longer doubt! No longer sit!
    Break down the walls we made!
    Step through the void of the unknown,
    To find our dreams don't fade.

    We are beauty, we are strength,
    In us there are no doubts.
    We cannot fail, we never lose,
    Because that's not what we're about.

    We have the love, we have the faith,
    Because our higher self we see.
    We are the light, we are divine,
    We all are you and me.

    And so our world is formed and shaped,
    By the very thoughts we think.
    Dreams and doubts, plans and walls,
    We decide if we should sink.

    Leave no room for doubt, leave no space for walls,
    Leave only love and light.
    Sit only in the positive space,
    And know that all is right :-)

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    Yugendean... I remember I liked one of your other pieces recently and this one is pretty good too. However, in my opinion, this one could be a little shorter. There were some really great stanzas individually and the overall message is good, but it just felt a bit redundant and think a little more brevity could make this better? Just wanted to give that feedback, but I do think you are quite good.


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      Thank you
      I do appreciate the input and accept any criticism