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Sands and Tide

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  • Sands and Tide

    The tide is pulling, pulling away,
    I have no way to make it stay;
    The sand is falling, falling through time,
    I have no way to make it mine.

    The gulls are flying, flying away,
    Chanting music day by day;
    The waves are pounding, pounding on,
    And so they shall when I have gone.

    But here I am with a sky above,
    A mind of dreams and a heart of love;
    Forget the sand, forget the tide,
    The water's vast and shoreline wide.

    I'm scooping sea-foam, catching shells,
    Wading depths to feel waves swell,
    Building castles in the spray
    And laughing when they're swept away.

    Yes, taunt me, time, go right ahead!
    Strive to buffet me with dread;
    You know where I may be found:
    Dancing 'til the sun goes down.

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    Love your style emmiebee.! More please!!!!