The Painting on the Wall

“This painting makes me nauseous.”
That’s what my sister said.
“I don’t know why an apple tree
would grow a loaf of bread!
The bumblebees are upside down.
The birds are inside out.
I wish you never bought this thing
It makes me SCREAM and SHOUT!”

I said, “You must be joking.
This painting makes me laugh.
I love the flying panda
and the seven-inch giraffe.
The diamonds on the apple tree
are happy as can be.
They sparkle like a blinding sun
reflecting on the sea.”

It’s funny how the sisters
see the painting on the wall.
The older one adores it,
but the other— NOT AT ALL!
One hundred million people
may have different points of view,
but the only one that matters
is the voice inside of you.