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    Understanding and tolerance have never meant complete agreement; but rather a freedom to think independently, allowing others to do the same. I like this.

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  • Alaskanpoet
    started a topic Understanding


    Understanding like tolerance is a two way street
    One direction only and any understanding is doomed to defeat
    The mind shuts down, the ears slam shut and the heart turns to stone
    Any chance to meet halfway is quickly lost in an intolerant combat zone
    Understand me and I can then understand you
    Rational discourse follows and defaming eschews
    We humans have the intellect to learn and by others and experience be taught
    Blessed with intellect to process opposing or contrary emotions and thoughts
    All of which like a hard drive crash is quickly erased and disappears
    When a my way or the highway suddenly appears
    Tolerance of other views and understanding go hand in hand
    A unifying, needed nectar for members of this growing human band
    © 2015 the Alaskanpoet