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  • Please Understand

    I wanna be silly for
    Just a minute,
    Run over that hill and
    Meet the sun;
    Let me be foolish for
    Just one moment,
    Find the pools of morning
    Before it's begun.

    Let me throw off my shell and
    Be ridiculous,
    Take off my shoes and
    Run into a stream,
    Or find a green meadow
    Under oceans of starlight,
    Then lay me down a bit
    To smile and dream.

    I wanna be childish for
    Just a second and
    Ask a flower to
    Teach me to grow;
    Can't I be silly for
    Just a moment,
    Loose myself
    In the river's flow?

    Let me untie my hair and
    Shut my eyes just
    Throw out my arms and
    Feel alive
    I'll breathe in the wind and
    Drink up the sunlight
    Without these moments I
    Barely survive;

    Then I'll return to
    Being rational,
    Resuming my tasks with a
    Gratified smile;
    I like to keep hidden in this
    Poised exterior,
    But I set my heart free
    Once in awhile.

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    Yup, I'm a Fan! So good, just what I'm looking for.


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    Your poetry gives a window into your soul. Keep radiating emmiebee.