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Of Wolves and Ravens

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  • Of Wolves and Ravens

    Of Wolves and Ravens

    Comprehensive, precocious
    Habilatory fur and feathers
    Running through childhood
    On to the next adventure.
    Nemophilists at heart
    Over the river, through the woods
    She is a parliament of ravens
    You are a pack of wolves
    Narcolepsy induces thoughts of wings
    Cogitation of the ground plagues hers.
    Howling at the waxen moon
    Receiving the spoils of bloodlust
    Obligatory, beneficial friendship
    Now suffering senescence
    Independence becomes advantage
    Cowardice becomes betrayal.
    It is a mutual understanding
    Trustworthiness is thrown from the wolves
    You sing her thoughts away.

    © S. Good 2015
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